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Visit Flanders


Culinary Flanders.

Discover a culinary experience through Flanders.

Freshly cut into 6 episodes.

Highlighting a selection of Belgium's finest gastronomy. 

From hops to beers

From bean to praline

From soil to dish

From sea to plate

From farm to street

Culinary Bruges

Producer: Visit Flanders / Toerisme Vlaanderen

Output: UNWTO -  United World Tourism Organization, Visit Vlaanderen, Toerisme Vlaanderen, Evenaar TV

Produced by: StlVisuals - The Oval Office

Production lead: Arne De Gryse

Host: Ben Roelants

Production: STLVisuals 

Director: Stijn Lammertyn
1st Camera - DOP: Stijn Lammertyn

2nd Cam: Wesley Belaey, Joey Tuyaerts
Post production: STLVisuals

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