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House of Hr



Happy Rebels Festival

Official aftermovie of The House of Happy Rebels festival, a true celebration of love and music

House of HR, a trendsetting group operating in the HR field, organised a true festival exclusively for the European House of HR employees, better known as the Happy Rebels. 


Lineup: Buscemi, Bizzey, Radio Guga, Regi, Peter Luts, La Fuente, Mark Larocca, Goatless, Vengaboys, Jamback, Fegas, Cookies & Cream Topic, Dave Lambert, 2 Brothers on the 4th floor, Goose, Lucas & Steve, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar...


Big, bright & bold, that was the call.

And that's exactly what it turned out to be!


Gold Medal Teambuilding & Incentive.

Bronze Cultural & Musical Event

Event Production: - House of HR

Aftermovie Produced by: STLVisuals

Production lead: Stijn Lammertyn

Host: Marcel Van Tilt

Rebels & Actors: Soul15

Production: STLVisuals 

Director: Stijn Lammertyn
 Camera DOP: Stijn Lammertyn, 
Dries Degrande

Florian Degreve, Tom Vansteenkiste, Kiwi Aerial
Edit & Post production: STLVisuals

STL_happy rebels festival.png
STL_happy rebels festival.png
STL_happy rebels festival.png
STL_happy rebels festival.png
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