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Floralies Ghent


The Ghent Floralies: something for everyone. Among other things this includes bonsai which are more than 80 years old, a bamboo work of art by Akane Teshigahara, floral creations, six inspirational gardens with a broad, green outlook on life, a mythological interactive forest, contemporary gardens, a monumental flower chandelier in the church and a wide variety of green activities.


Produced by: Ghent Floralies & STL Visuals

Filmed, edited & directed by STL Visuals: Stijn Lammertyn

Client: Floraliën Koningklijke Maatschappij voor Landbouw en Plantkunde.

stl visuals floralien sint pietersplein
Stlvisuals, floraliën, mark colle
Stlvisuals, floraliën, icc, gent
Stlvisuals, floraliën, gent
Stlvisuals, floraliën, gent, st pieterskerk
Stlvisuals, floraliën, gent, east meets west
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