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Pedal to the Medal - Kenny Belaey


Kenny Belaey aka The Magician is a world famous Trial Biker. So far in his career, he has already won 9 world titles,

6 World Cup wins and 4 European titles.To date Kenny is the UCI title record holder, with 11 medals in only 13 World Championships

Together with his brother Wesley he founded the Belaey Trials Team, they have put together an amazing foldable trailer an a new team of riders to bring a breathtaking show...

With Pedal to the Medal they perform all over the world to inspire and surprise their audiences! 


Produced by: Belaey Trials, STL Visuals

Filmed, edited & directed by: Kenny Belaey, Stijn Lammertyn

Photography: Thomas Sweertvaegher

Client: Belaey Trials / Pedaltothemedal

stlvisuals_pedal to the medal_kenny belaey
stlvisuals_pedal to the medal_kenny belaey
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